Vagina Monologues comes to Ball State in Muncie, IN

Bridget Hartman is a talented dancer who illustrated her skills Tuesday outside of a college production of the Vagina Monologues.

Feminists in Action direct performance

By Rick Yencer

MUNCIE, INDIANA (NEWS) - Riley Gray and her performance of The Woman Who Loved to make Vaginas Happy was among the best of Ball State's offering of the classic Vagina Monologues this week.

The crowd broke into laughter with her many moans of women having sex, regardless of race, religion, or age. Among the funniest was the college student who screaming, "I should be studying" or "I got an A"

The monologues that are stories of women's joys and sadness over sexual relations a best selling book, popular play and compelling truth about the sometimes violent and abusive nature of relationships.

Take Nickole Regala's story of the The Little Coochi Snorcher That Could of a girl who was abused by a man, fell in love with a woman and found the joy of same sex relations.

And the stand up comedy of Many Machura, Madison Gillespie and Andrea Redmount showed the skilled and talent of some of the drama students who read monologues and held the audience to every story.

Aly Austin, president of Feminists for Action, directed the performance that was co directed by Richelle Moore.

It was all part of Women's History Month and events this week to empower and protect women.

Austin said the performances Tuesday and Wednesday would raise money for a Better Way, a shelter for abused women.

And it gave a chance to bring awareness to the fact that women still face abuse, violence and are under paid.

 The census shows women working fulltime make only .77 cents on the $1 a man makes. And 237,868 women are sexually assaulted in the United States every year.

And genital mutilation is common in nearly 30 countries and mainly in Africa with 125 million women and girls victimized by the torture.

The website has more information about women's issues.



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