Former Muncie IN school principal guilty of not reporting student rape


MUNCIE, INDIANA (NEWS)  -The Indiana Supreme Court found former school administrator Christopher Smith was guilty of failing to report a rape involving a student on school property.

The bizarre case of a former Central High School principal who took hours to report the crime shook the Muncie Community School system in 2010 and caused parent distrust of school officials ending with the departure of Smith and former Supt. Eric King.

Smith had been convicted locally of failing to report the crime, but the Indiana Court of Appeals overturned that ruling.

The state pursued an appeal and the Supreme Court found Smith "dawdled, delayed and did seemingly everything he could to not contact Department of Child Services or the police."

"It is apparent that Christopher Smith failed in his duty to help protect one of his trusted charges. Whether this failure was out of ignorance, a desire to protect the reputation of the perpetrator or perhaps a wish to keep his school from receiving negative publicity on his watch is not clear," the judges wrote.

 None of those reasons was still enough to ignore the crime and not immediately report it.

While the girl insisted she was abused, Smith let the attacker, Steven Moore, go home before he was even accused. Moore was later charged with the rape and he pleaded guilty to the crime.


















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