Accused murderer in Muncie IN loses another lawyer

Who really killed Jamel Barnes?


MUNCIE, INDIANA  (NEWS) -  Terrace Douglass continue to sit in jail waiting for trial on murder as it seems no lawyer in Delaware County wants to represent him.

Public defender Alan Wilson, a former mayor, voluntarily withdrew from the case Monday after the state sought action to do the same because of a conflict of interest.

Douglass, 27, is accused of killing Jamel Barnes in the streets of Industry neighborhood in October 2012 after the accused reportedly robbed someone else. 

The senseless killing brought hundreds out to Barnes' funeral and a rally with a public outcry to stop street violence in inner city neighborhoods.

 Douglass was ready to face a jury last year until public defender Steve Bruce withdrew from the case just as a jury was seated. Bruce claimed a conflict and the court reset the trial.

Delaware Circuit Judge Linda Ralu Wolf granted Wilson's withdrawal with a shrug of her shoulders as Robert Beymer, chief public defender in Jay County, now takes over the case.

Wilson said he was not withdrawing because of the state's effort to dismiss him.

It had to do with the state delivering discovery in the box with evidence disorganized and then attempted to dismiss the defense counsel just weeks before the latest trial.

Eric Hoffman, chief trial deputy prosecutor said Wilson had a conflict with a client who had evidence about the murder.

And Wilson responded that client Brian Blevins, overheard someone else in jail admit to killing Barnes.

That evidence has been denied by the court as admissible at Douglass's trial. And for that reason, Wilson said he could not be accused of a conflict.

Hoffman said Wilson's voluntary withdrawal made the state's motion moot.

But for Douglass, who seeks a speedy trial, now depends on another public defender to prove his innocence. A pretrial hearing is set for Thursday.

Police used a confidential informant to find probable cause of Douglass shooting Barnes.

Douglass and another man robbed another victim the night of the shooting and the confidential informant said he witnessed Douglass shoot Barnes. Douglass denied the robbery and said he did not go near the scene of the crime.

The trial is set April 17.






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