California Chrome Strong Kentucky Derby Contender

Bill Shoemaker: Photo by Cliff


LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY (NEWS) - As the country emerges from the great Polar Vortex of 2014, some are looking ahead to the "Greatest Two Minutes in Sports." The 2014 Kentucky Derby will take place at Churchill Downs on May 2 and 3 this year, for a race that's looking to be one that will be remembered.

When talking about Kentucky Derby winners, it's always nice to have a story behind the horse and their owner. After last weekend's Santa Anita Derby, a 3-year thoroughbred from the West Coast is starting to get a lot of attention as a possible winner this year at the Derby.

California bred horses have only won the Kentucky Derby three times in the last 139 years. Morvich (1922), Swaps (1955), and Decidedly (1962) were the only horses from the West Coast to win. That's why California Chrome's story is so exciting.

The horse's owners and breeders - Perry Martin and Steve Coburn - bought Love the Chase for around $8,000 and sent her to mate with Lucky Pulpit. Their offspring was named California Chrome and the rest is history in the making.

Perry Martin and Steve Coburn are "working class" people, which makes for an even better story if they happen to win this year. California Chrome has been performing well and is considered by quite a few to be the top Derby contender at this time.

Anything could happen between now and the start of the race, but the odds makers have said California Chrome will be a winner. This is why some people will be betting on Kentucky Derby at and trying to cash in on the knowledge.

If California Chrome does happen to win the Kentucky Derby, the payoff may not be huge for some, but the horse could go down in history as the fourth to win Derby since it started over a hundred years ago.

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