AT&True Detective Infinity Spoof Making Waves Online

Spoof Mixing AT&T Commercials and True Detective Getting the Hits


MUNCIE, INDIANA (ENTERTAINMENT) - Fans of those Beck Bennett AT&T commercials or the True Detective television show that recently ended its first season are getting a kick out of a parody video making the rounds on YouTube.

The simple idea - making a parody by replacing Bennett's character with Rust Cohle in a fake AT&T commercial discussing infinity with children. At the end, Rust's line about existince being a flat circle is shown by smashing a juice box.

In the YouTube spoof video, Rust asks a table of kids about big numbers - much like some of the AT&T commercials begin. What usually follows is the children saying something cute or funny. In this parody video, one child answers "Infinity" which sets Rust off on a quest to explain the meaning of life, the universe, and everything.

And no, the answer isn't forty two, it's apperently all about a flat circle. Ross Marquand (with a total of five videos at the time this story was posted) is the person who uploaded the parody video, which got a mention on Design Trend late last week.

There's also a second video entitled "AT&True Detective - Bigger" which makes fun of the original "big treehouse" commercial by AT&T. Once again, Rust Cohle is shown as being funnier than the answers given by the children.

If you have a few minutes to spare and like the AT&T commercials or the True Detective show that aired on HBO, it's well worth your time to check out these two short parody videos. The Infinity one has around 300,000+ views on YouTube while Bigger has around 23,000+ views on Youtube.

"What do you know about infinity?" Cohle asks in the Infinity spoof.

"Nothing is infinity because nothing ever was. All of this joke we call reality is just this game played by some unforeseen force that we'll never truly be able to converse with."

Cohle even mimics the same mind-blown expression with his hands that's seen in the original AT&T commercial. Good stuff. 

AT&T TV Commercial - It's Not Complicated "Infinity"

AT&True Detective - Infinity

AT&True Detective - Bigger

From the YouTube description:

ublished on Apr 4, 2014

Written by Ross Marquand
Directed by Sean Mullin
Produced by Vanishing Angle & NELA Films
Producers: Adam Bluming, Erich Lochner, Sean Mullin & Ross Marquand

Cinematographer: Justin Cameron
Edited by Adam Bluming
Camera Operator: Curtis Davis
Production Sound: Mike Weinstein
Production Coordinator: Steve Sole
Production Assistant: Amy Baklini
Animation & Color Correction: Todd Leykamp
Camera provided by: George Nienhuis & Shark Pig
Grip and Electrical Gear provided by: Blue Rock Media

Adorable kids: Deacon Dymtrow, Jonah Hanlon-Goldfarb, Mary-Alice Mullin, Amaya Yanagita
Rust: Ross Marquand

Special Thanks: Annamaria Mullin, Stephanie Kemp, Dan & Jill Dymtrow, Daryle Goldfarb, Joanne Hanlon, Molly & Ryan Yanagita, Curtis Tom, Lyric Preschool

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