Last of 2014 FIFA World Cup Tickets Went Up for Sale


BRAZIL (SPORTS) - The last of the 2014 FIFA World Cup Tickets went on sale this week, with another 199,519 being made available April 15th. Tickets for 54 matches will be available on a first-come, first-served basis.

For this last batch being sold, there will be no tickets for ten out of the 64 matches: opening (Brazil vs. Croatia), final and matches 2 (Mexico vs. Cameroon), 8 (England vs. Italy), 11 (Argentina vs. Bosnia-Herzegovina), 17 (Brazil vs. Mexico), 19 (Spain vs. Chile), 33 (Cameroon vs. Brazil), 34 (Croatia vs. Mexico) and 35 (Australia vs. Spain).

“With less than two months to go, this is the last chance for fans to secure their tickets for football’s flagship event. I am confident we will have a high demand for the remaining tickets, not only from Brazilian fans but also from people all over the world,” said Thierry Weil, FIFA Marketing Director in charge of ticketing.

So far, a total of 2,577,662 tickets have already been allocated through all sales phases and channels (including the FIFA Hospitality Programme and other constituent groups) – 61% went directly to general public via

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