All Things Together in Albany IN offers arts, crafts, consignment

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ALBANY, INDIANA (NEWS) - When Janet Amundson first had an idea for a craft shop, the local author thought it might be just a one day a week proposition.

The number of artists she gathered with a friend last winter made it a five day a week business with more than 26 vendors from all over central Indiana. And a grand opening for All Things Together on Saturday will show handcrafted items besides a community fundraiser for Lupus.The shop is located at 312 W. State St. and the telephone is (765) 744-0852.

Amundson, who wrote Sock It To Me Jesus, depends on faith and family to guide her life and wanted to promote the community by offering a consignment shop for local artists.

And having a local shop would save on traveling from show to show as many artists and craftsmen do.

The shop, run by family, friends and other volunteers, includes handmade quilts, knit and crocheted work besides jewelry, soap, candles and cards.

She pointed to a corner of books where her work and others are located. A recent event included other faith writers like Ray Burcham, Jude Urbanski, Sharon Davy, and Lora York. 

The story Amundson tells is about how she gets through every day,with the faith of Jesus Christ which she hoped others will find peace by reading about her life.

The shop is among a handful of new stores in Albany that still has a downtown hardware business, an IGA grocery, flower greenhouse and other business reflecting small town USA.'

The town is self sustaining in an agriculture community surrounding it, and Amundson hoped starting a local business would bring more people to town.

The fundraiser is part of Lupus Awareness Month that will raise money for help and support. Lupus is an autoimmune disease  that attacks and destroys healthy tissue.

Another fundraiser for the Jay County Canter Society is planning this summer.

Amundson eventually wants to start classes in crafts like jewelry making, quilting, knitting and crochet besides writing and calligraphy. The shop is open five days a week except on Wednesdays and Sundays. 



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