YART, First Thursday offer art, cultural freedom in Muncie IN

New exhibits, music highlight DWNTWN event

By Rick Yencer

MUNCIE. INDIANA (ENTERTAINMENT) - Energy was the way to describe First Thursday and YART on a chilly evening in DWNTWN.

 Students poured into the Artist Within where their peers from Muncie high schools displayed painting, ceramics, sculpture, and drawing while Bryce Ernest Taylor sang.

Down the street,Debra Gindhart Dragoo read poetry while Jon Lundburgh plated piano.  Award winning poet Tom Chester waited his turn at The Power of Words gathering in Valhalla.

On Main Street, galleries had accomplished artists in paint and metal along with other painting and sculpture.

Landscape architect Eric Ernstberger showed his artistic ability with colorful acrylic that looked somewhat like those bright paintings by Matisse. Ernstberge adapts his landscape and architecture skill into abstract forms on canvass.

 During the day, Ernstberger can design monument or landscape restorations but at night he paints those colors and forms.

At Gallery 308, retired art professor Sally Myers put on a smile to talk about her sculptures forged from steel and copper into pieces of art.

Talking about turning hot metal into circles or other shapes and welding them into a sculpture seemed natural for Myers who now lives in Virginia and visits periodically.

Myers was in town this week to dedicate her public art, Growing Through the Chances that is found at Muncie City Hall. The work was partially underwritten by the Community Foundation.

YART, that community art invention of Moth Maximus, also had nearly 50 vendors including those who made jewelry, pottery, textiles and other art. The spring version  had plenty of business with anther in October to match it.

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