Muncie IN man gunned down after found with suspect's girlfriend


MUNCIE, INDIANA (NEWS) -   Gary W. Barbour was shot repeatedly after found with the girlfriend of Joshua Haskins who is accused of killing him.

 The brutal murder early Saturday happened by Earthstone Terrace in south Muncie where the girlfriend who was rhe mother of Haskin's children lived.

Haskins apparently became enraged by Barbour having sexual relations with the women and allegedly shot the victim with a .45 handgun that was recovered by police.

It took police a day to interview witnesses who identified Haskins as the shooter and find him at a friend's house. Haskins was picked up Sunday afternoon and charged with the crime.

A witness told police that Haskins admitted to the shooting and said where he hid the gun, Another witness also told police that Haskins admitted killing Barbour, according to probable cause affidavit.

But the suspect only said he had been at the woman's residence and had an argument with Barbour.

Haskins remains in jail under no bond and could appear before a judge later this week.

It is the first murder in Muncie this year, and there have been two others recently in the small town of Eaton.


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