House passes Messer amendment to encourage growth of charter high schools

Messer: "A great day for students across the country"


WASHINGTON, DC - Today, the House passed the Success and Opportunity through Quality Charter Schools Act, H.R. 10 which includes an amendment introduced by Congressman Luke Messer.  H.R. 10 streamlines funding for charter schools and improves every state’s ability to create and replicate successful charter school models.  The Messer amendment encourages states to prioritize the opening of charter high schools or secondary schools.

Currently, thousands of students do not have the chance to attend the secondary charter school of their choice because their charter network doesn’t have a secondary school or the demand for spots in these schools exceeds the number of slots available.

“Today is a great day for students across this country who seek a high-quality education,” said Congressman Luke Messer.

“Right now more than one million kids are on a wait list to get into a charter school.  That is a tremendous injustice because every child deserves the chance to go to a great school—regardless of income or arbitrary geographic boundary.  H.R. 10’s bipartisan passage gives me hope that we can continue to work together in Washington to improve education across this country and give every child a shot at success.”

Congressman Luke Messer represents Indiana’s 6th Congressional District and is the founder and chair of the Congressional School Choice Caucus.  He serves on the House Committees on Education and the Workforce, Foreign Affairs and the Budget.  


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