Keep America Beautiful in Delaware County IN needs volunteers

By Rick Yencer

MUNCIE, INDIANA (NEWS) - Any given Saturday, Alex Boureau and his brothers of Theta Chi go out and clean up the Muncie Bypass.

And any third Saturday, Muncie Clean and Beautiful goes DWNTWN and cleans up the heart of the city.

Those efforts by the Indiana Department of Transportation and local government are looking for more groups and volunteers to help with the hired help of the Muncie Sanitary District that picks up trash and helps neighborhood groups keep Muncie clean.

Delaware County commissioner Sherry Riggin reached out this month to local Lions Clubs and other groups to help INDOT with its "trash bash" clean ups. The state has a permit online for its Adopt a Highway program that any organization can help with roadside cleanups.

Bourdeau said the fraternity can turn out more than a dozen people for cleanups which the group has done for years.The fraternity does about 400 hours of service yearly, helping Second Harvest and Habitat for Humanity besides the Adopt a Highway project.

Riggin said the county used Community Corrections crews of minimum offenders to cleanup but only had one crew available.

"We get calls for six or seven cleanups every day." she said.

Jason Donati, recently elected to lead Muncie Clean and Beautiful, said sustaining volunteers and means for cleanup efforts was difficult and said he the organization also could use some help.

The local effort does neighborhood and downtown cleanups and helps with local beautification efforts like landscaping public right of ways.

Donati believed enforcement of anti lettering laws besides awareness and cleanups was the keep to keeping the community spotless.

Government has cited dumping in and out of Muncie, especially at vacant lots or old industrial sites, besides properties not regulated for dumping.

The sanitary district recently helped a handful of neighborhoods and partnered with Union Chapel to cleanup last month. Literally tons of debris and trash were collected.

Those who need extra trash collection in Muncie can call (765) 747-4865 or go online to the Muncie Sanitary District.

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