Fire destroys institutional dry cleaners in Muncie IN

Vogue Cleaners engulfed in flames as Muncie firefighters arrive

By Rick Yencer

MUNCIE, INDIANA (NEWS) - Elisha Lloyd looked out the door of his home and thought a neighbor's garage was on fire Monday in south Muncie.

It turned out the fire was at Vogue Dry Cleaners on West Eighth Street across from the former Chevrolet plant that took Muncie firefighters nearly two hours to put out the last flame.

Lloyd ran back and told his dad that fire and smoke were coming from a building a block away as Mark Lloyd called 911 that brought four fire companies and more than 20 firefighters to the scene to fight the blaze.

The half a century building that was the laundry and dry cleaner for Vogue was engulfed as firefighters arrived and took a ladder and a trio of fire companies more than an hour to put the fire out.

Fire Chief Eddie Bell said no one was injured in the fire that attracted dozens of neighbors to the scene from smoke that could be seen through Muncie and west toward Interstate 69.

Bell said fire inspectors were enroute to determine a cause, although young Lloyd and his brothers, Anthony and Matthew, were cracks as if electrical lights were breaking.

Dry cleaning chemicals produced smoke and odor that kept onlookers away a block and more as hundreds of thousands of gallons of water poured onto the building.

The call was reported just before 6 p.m. and it was around 8 p.m. that the last fire was put out.

It was obvious a light wind drove the fire through the building where the roof collapsed and an adjacent building caught fire.

Elisha Lloyd said he never saw a fire before, let alone being able to report it his dad and public safety.

Many neighbors were surprised the landmark business went up so quickly.

Vogue has been in business more than a half century run by the Shroyer family who are public servants and community leaders.

Ora Shroyer was a building commissioner while his son, William Shroyer, was a longtime Muncie City Council member and expanded Vogue from a south Muncie dry cleaner to providing citywide and countywide service during the last 50 years. His son, William Jr., now runs the family business.

While insurance will cover the business loss and those clothes at the main cleaner, there was no immediate word how Vogue will continue with its main laundry and dry cleaner destroyed.

It is the first major business fire in 2014 as Muncie firefighters just fought a fatal fire a new blocks away as three-year-old Clayton Carter died in a home at 11th and Daly last week.

Muncie fire investigators still have not determine a cause in the fatal fire as investigators arrived on the Vogue fire scene to find out what happened.


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