Molly Bear Cares Gaining Art Fans and Funds for Food Bank

Molly Bear Creates Art to Help Feed Hungry (Photo from Facebook Page)

A young girl’s summer bucket list turns into art charity: Molly Bear Cares is raising money for Second Harvest Food Bank

By Heather Collins

MUNCIE, INDIANA (NEWS) - .A young Muncie resident is giving her time, creativity and artwork for the greater good.

Seven year old, Molly Piazza, affectionately referred to as Molly Bear has been creating artwork and selling her pieces for donations, which will be given to the Second Harvest Food Bank.

Molly’s mom, Elizabeth, said Molly came up with the idea while the two were creating a summer bucket list. Her summer bucket list also includes swimming, camping, canoeing and riding bicycles with her father.

Each day, young Molly and her mother gather cardstock, color pencils, crayons, oil pastel and paint and anything they can find in their art supplies to create 5X7 and 8X10 works of arts in their workshop a.k.a. dining room. Molly enjoys paintings picnics and parks, and has also added flowers, fruits, orchards, owls and the “time monster” to her creative repertoire. During the process, Molly has created a new color she calls “dark rainbow,” which is a shimmery dark bluish green hue.

Molly’s goal is to raise $800 for the Second Harvest Food Bank, the mother-daughter duo have already reached almost half of their goal and plan to donate any extra funds towards helping students pay for school supplies.

Little Molly takes part in each step of the process including organizing the order spreadsheet, creating and delivering.

“When we get a new order, my mom helps me write it on a sticky note and put it in my spreadsheet,” said the young chocolate milk lover, Molly. “We try to make a few new orders and a few pages that people didn’t order every night.”

Suggested donations for each piece are  $10 for an 8X10 and $5 for 5X7.

“Molly was blessed with a heart for other people,” said Elizabeth Piazza, Molly’s mother. “She truly loves to help other people and has an early sense of justice.”

This isn’t first grader Molly’s first time promoting positivity and being involved in her community.

“Last Fall, Molly became really engaged in the ‘Vote Yes’ campaign for the MCS bus referendum. While thinking of her plans for the summer, she wanted a campaign to support. We used that as an opportunity to discuss how she can help organizations with their ongoing campaigns like ending hunger or helping animals. She decided she wanted to help other kids,” said Elizabeth, Molly’s mom.

“As her parents, we’re very grateful that she lives with a spirit for giving to others and wants to make her community happy and better. She’s a very and funny young lady.”

“We talked about who needs things in our town and I want to help kids that need food,” said Molly.

The Molly Bear Cares project was just started last week, but has already made quite a paint splash in Muncie’s art world. A friend of the two ordered a few Molly Bear art pieces that will be donated to a local long-term care facility.

“I want to tell everyone that the art is nice because it is handmade,” said Molly via her Molly Bear Cares Facebook page.

Fans are encouraged to reach out to the Molly Bear Cares fundraiser via their Facebook page, Molly Bear Cares. Through their Facebook page, fans can leave comments requesting works of art or make new orders.  Each of the pieces include wonderful titles developed by Molly. Titles include “Let’s Swim!” “Grandma’s Orchard,” and “Rainbow Explosion.”

Molly and her grateful mother look forward to getting messy, having fun, sharing art and helping a lot of kids have access to healthful food this summer.  

“We are very grateful to everyone for their support and interest in Molly’s project,” said Elizabeth. “As her mom, it’s so fun to watch her face light up as she reads her Facebook page after school. Out side of her project, we are very grateful for everyone’s willingness to rally around Second Harvest and help kids gain access to food in the summer. Molly is very aware that she has classmates that can’t just walk into the kitchen and find a snack or have meals provided each day. We want to thank everyone that is joining with us to have fun and make a difference in those children’s lives.”

The mother-daughter duo are currently working on hosting a community art party for kids to make art for donations. Molly developed the art party idea and also would like to hold a summer showcase of her and other children’s work. The two are currently looking for a space to host their art show.

For more information, visit Molly Bear Cares on Facebook.

Here's a recent post:

Hi All-

I've noticed a lot of new friends joining us over the past couple of days and wanted to say welcome and thank you!

Molly and I have been very excited to see so many folks getting on board to help with her summer project. When she set her goal of $800 a week ago, I wasn't sure how she'd accomplish it. Now that you all are here and stepping up to help Mighty Molly help Second Harvest Food Bank of East Central Indiana, I have no doubt we'll reach our goal in no time! So- thank you again!

Here's some helpful information to join in the fun:

1. We will be posting photos of artwork as quickly as we can make it. Molly's still in school for a couple more weeks and we're working around her busy schedule

2. If you see a picture you'd like to bring home, just comment on it and it will be reserved for you.

3. If we reserve a picture for you, please drop us a message with your address and we'll arrange for delivery or shipping. If you don't send us a message within a few days, I will leave a comment back for you to see if you're still interested.

4. If you change your mind and decided you don't want a picture you've reserved, that's okay! Please either comment on it or send us a message so that we can make it available to someone else.

5. If you don't see any photos you like or if you have an idea of something you'd like us to make, send us a message or leave us a comment on the page. We'll work to create your "masterpiece" as quickly as possible.

6. Suggested donation for all 8X10 pictures is $10 and suggested donation for all 5X7 pictures is $5. If you'd prefer to donate to Second Harvest without receiving a picture or would like to order art for someone else that's wonderful too!

7. We're requesting that all payment be received via cash or check made out to Second Harvest. We'd rather not lose any of your donation to processing fees on credit cards.

We’ve got some fun painting plans for this evening…stay tuned!

We look forward to getting messy, having fun, sharing art and helping a lot of kids have access to healthful food this summer!

-Molly's Grateful Mom

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