Discover healthy eating with To MyPlate and Beyond at Minnetrista.


MUNCIE, INDIANA (NEWS) - Embark on a journey with characters Max and his dog Munch and learn more about the foods that keep you healthy and strong. To MyPlate and Beyond will be on display at Minnetrista from June 27 to October 13.

“You and your family can enjoy the multitude of activities in this colorful family exhibit,” said Rebecca Gilliam, vice president of Visitor Experience.” To MyPlate and Beyond shares how to incorporate healthy eating into the many areas of your life.”

Walk through this exhibit and visit familiar places like the super market, your dining room, and kitchen to learn more about the five food groups. Take home recipe cards that will inspire delicious, nutritious meals that you can prepare and enjoy as a family. Make learning fun by participating in hands-on activities, such as The Hot Plate, a game that will get your feet moving and your brain buzzing.

To MyPlate and Beyond at Minnetrista is an exhibit that is entertaining and provides information that is useful for the whole family!

This exhibit is provided by Purdue Agriculture Exhibit Design Center.

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