Carl Storie: Unequaled singer, songwriter from Yorktown IN

By Rick Yencer

MUNCIE, INDIANA (ENTERTAINMENT) - As Miami was getting hammered by San Antonio Thursday night, Carl Storie and sidekick Mark Hanna walked into Timber's Lounge.

Immediately, Cal Gullion jumped up and said "How you doing brother?" as Storie, wearing a shirt and capri pants shook his hand.

Storie, the legendary Faith Band singer and songwriter, sat down as Cal, Mary Rose and myself joined him and Hanna.

For two hours, we talked about the old days of Faith Band, the new days with a band called Markie Z and the summertime visits Storie makes like playing at Geist Reservoir on Saturday.

"How do I get bookings?' Storie repeated the question. "I answer the phone."

Living near Denton TX, Storie always has a gig or new music after those first days playing in McCulloch Park while the late Jimi Hendrix played at the Delaware County Fairgrounds.

He also remembers hanging at Heekin Park and working on music out of a garage west of Muncie, where he cut the Blues Planet CD an upbeat mix of blues, and rock.

That CD is set for release and the new band, Markie Z, that is working on its own CD Just Noise.

That group is the invention of Mark Zwartynski and Frank Tunk who joined great musicians like Storie, Tempest Barnes, Lawrence "Peebody' Ferrell Jr., Stanley Glenn and others to create a sound of blues, funk, and rock. The band is based in Dallas TX.

Storie still loves to write music and constantly works on lyrics while he talks, eats or drinks. 

Look for Yorktown's famous singer and song writer to play at Timber's summer jam in August that generally draws a couple hundred people. 




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