Retail, manufacturing booming in Yorktown IN

New furniture warehouse, more manufacturing jobs coming

By Rick Yencer

YORKTOWN, INDIANA (NEWS) - Gill Brothers Furniture is planning a new warehouse and showroom in Park One off Interstate 69 this summer.

And Mursix is undertaking a $7.1 million expansion in the industrial site and creating 108 new manufacturing jobs, increasing its workforce to 300.

Yorktown Town Council stepped up this week with economic development tools to help the businesses besides renew tax breaks for Accutech, a software maker on County Road 500W and Miasa, an auto parts maker.

Town Manager Pete Olson  told members of the Yorktown Chamber of Commerce about the job creation efforts besides plans to restore three buildings in the old town this week.

Richard Gill, owner of Gill Brothers, said the $1,7 million warehouse would serve the Muncie showroom off 500W besides stores in Anderson and Noblesville. And it's showroom would be in addition to the local store.

Council offered Gill about $101,000 in tax abatement besides approving a $4.3 million tax increment financial bond for equipment and infrastructure for Mursix. That TIF financing is repaid by the increase in property taxes from the development.

Todd Murray, chief executive officer for Mursix, said the expansion would allow for building converters and inverters for hybrid vehicles. The company makes precision components for automotive, appliance, alternative energy, security and electronic markets.

The hiring for manufacturing, engineering and administrative jobs will continue throughout the year,

Park One just got the benefit of direct rail service to the park after local government obtained federal money to provide more transportation to the site that also is home to Brevini and Save-A-Lot Food.

There also has been talk of another major manufacturer locating at Park One, although local economic development interests have declined to comment.

Olson explained tax breaks for Accutech and Miasa amounted to 40 percent of those company's tax liability. While those companies did not meet job estimates, the council extended benefits without a hearing.

Old Yorktown also will get some work as a downtown facade program will help U.S. Architects, Five Tool and Smith Street LLC.

Building facades on the those buildings will be improved along with other structural work. That is part of a plan to bring more business and development along Smith Street. 

 Ingram's Flooring just opened in Yorktown but Printing Creations, a longtime printing business, is closing after Carolyn Grieves announced her retirement this week. 

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