Muncie IN Rotary takes new direction with Dale Basham

Veteran educator leads community leaders in 2015

By Rick Yencer

MUNCIE, INDIANA (NEWS) - Only Dale Basham could light up a room with his dramatic voice and intepretion.

And what better person to lead the Muncie Rotary Club into Muncie's 150th anniversary in 2015.

Basham took center stage Tuesday as Rotary president, promising to combine the noon and sunrise groups of Muncie business and industrial leaders besides undertake some local humanitarian efforts.

A veteran educator and school administrator, Basham talked about the great history of Rotary and some help on the 150 years besides continuing  that One Muncie promotion with Muncie Community Schools.

"This year, it is light up Rotary," said Basham. "And that's what we are going to do."

Basham has been interim principal at Central High as Southside conducted its last graduation before merging back with Central.

He also has been a school principal, school board member and drama teacher in his years of providing public education to youth.

Among the immediate priorities, according to Basham, are to help Mayor Dennis Tyler with celebrating the 150 year anniversary with special events and recognition. That could include a moment in history the Rotary offers every week with the help of retired Ball State University professor Jim Needham and promoted by local media.

Basham also wanted to promote an after hours Rotary gathering on First Thursday at Vera Mae's. That would put business and community leaders in the middle of one of the biggest downtown projects in years, a new hotel, Courtyard by Marriott, next to the Horizon Convention Center.

That new hotel should take shape later this summer and be ready in time for the community's 150th party. Rotary members will get a preview of the project at their meeting next Tuesday at Minnetrista Cultural Center.

Basham also talked about a project he began years ago in Muncie schools called a Mountain of Food that helped feed hungry children in the community.He planned to double those efforts to help the hungry and homeless.

After naming all 96 past presidents of the organization that were a list of bank, business and industrial founders like Wiseman, Kimbrough, Ball, Bracken, Johnson, Maxon, Sursa, Wingate and others, Basham pledged to give 100 percent to honor the tradition and giving of the organization.

Only more recent leaders were in the audience like Gordon Cox, Julie Bering, Al Rent, and Tom Ferris.

Look for more community outreach and giving from one of the oldest organizations in Muncie that represent the economy and means of Middletown USA.






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