Keith Wenning: NFL rookie gets shot at Baltimore Ravens

Former Ball State quarterback awaiting fame 

By Rick Yencer

MUNCIE, INDIANA (NEWS) -  Keith Wenning enjoyed talking with former classmates and professors as he signed autographs Friday night during a tent sale at Stoops Automotive.

One of his Ohio hometown friends, Jean Siefring brought her family to see Wenning, a rookie hoping to make the cut at the Baltimore Ravens this season. Wenning was quarterback for Ball State football during his college days and set passing and scoring records, taking the team to a 10-3 record last year.

Siefring said Wenning was a great player and always willing to give back to the community.

Wenning was drafted by the Ravens last spring and he has been in training camp for the last two months. He hopes to be the third quarterback, backing up Joe Flacco and his backup, Tyrod Taylor.

The Ravens have 18 rookies among the free agents and those drafted. Wenning said Coach John Harbaugh was great to work with and that Flacco was a real cool guy.

"The majority of the time is learning the playbook," said Wenning, saying an NFL playbook was much larger than a college one.

And at Ball State, Wenning always ran up 300 yards a game, making him attractive for professional play besides his ability to run as well as pass.

Rick and Liz Rowray brought their children to autographs and Rowray, who directs the local Youth Opportunity Center, said Wenning had great character and would do well in the NFL.

Rowray is a longtime fan of Ball State football as is Randy Stoops, who owns Stoops Automotive.

Stoops thought it was a great promotion to bring Ball State's winning quarterback and now NFL rookie back for an appearance.

The automotive group is kicking off a month of sales promotions on new Buicks and GM trucks.

Wenning, among four Ball State players who were drafted, hoped to work hard and make the roster as an NFL quarterback. That decision comes in a matter of weeks with the preseason beginning next month.

Ball State football coach Pete Lembo is still looking for Wenning's successor, whether is Wenning's backups last season, Ozzie Mann and Kyle Kamman, or two other rookies. That decision is expected a week or so before the season opener with Colgate on Aug. 30.


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