Anderson IN paints the town blue for Indianapolis Colts camp

Reggie after a week of practice: Feeling good

By Rick Yencer

ANDERSON, INDIANA (SPORTS) - Coach Chuck Pagano told Indianapolis Colts fans Friday morning that the team was off to a good start as Reggie Wayne reported the night before he was "feeling good" after a week of practice.

Pagano's visit to the city's annual Colts breakfast drew a big crowd at Reardon Auditorium as more than 7,500 fans came to the night practice at Colts training camp on Thursday night.

Mayor Kevin Smith was painting the town blue Friday as he talked about fans filling the stands the night before.

The three weeks of Colts training camp pumps literally millions of dollars into the community and many businesses were displaying Colts blue to recognize the paint the town blue campaign.

Pagano showed up for breakfast with Bob Lamey, the voice of the Colts, who did a quick interview with the coach who has a new book, Sideline, that tells the story most Hoosiers know about Pagano's battle with cancer while coaching a winning NFL team.

The coach talked about his first venture into writing like someone posting or texting.

"Once you hit send, you never get it back," he said.

But Pagano said training camp was going well despite a pair of injuries involving Vick Ballard and Donald Thomas,

And it will be soon this month that Pagano and the coaching staff cuts the 90 people who came to camp down to a mandatory 53 players for the NFL season.

The day before, Pagano talked about the success of quarterback Andrew Luck being down on plays when then scoring touchdowns. 

And he mentioned Ball State graduate Jonathan Newsome was doing extremely well and learned from his rookie mistakes.

"He's making mistakes here and there," said Pagano. "The think about Jon is once gets cleared up in his mind, he is not going back repeat offenses."

And Newsome is going to be one of guys to fill the absence of Robert Mathis who sits out for a month, says Pagano, adding that Newsome is "sharp and athletic."

Wayne got most of the media time after practice Thursday, saying nothing has held him back sofar.

"Like I have been saying, so far so good," said Wayne. "I have not had any problems."

Wayne did say it was tough to see other players injured like Ballard and Thomas, given his season ending injury last year.

"Hopefully my progression continues to get better and I can just go out there and be the Reggie of old."

The breakfast crowd still wanted to know the progress with Luck besides a report on Reggie.

Pagano said the quarterback continued to improve and explained Luck could be one of the best quarterbacks of all time.

The mayor was pleased with the progress, also thanking the team for contributing tickets and autographed footballs to auction for charity. Footballs autographed by Luck and kicker Adam Vinatierti were among the auction property besides old Brooklyn Dodger jerseys autographed by Carl Erskine.

 Look for the weekend practices to begin forming a preseason team and second and third strings to play New York Jets next Thursday, 


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