AT&T offers Smart911 to Delaware County, IN

Safety profile will identify household to emergency dispatchers.

By Rick Yencer

MUNCIE, INDIANA (NEWS) - AT&T launched Smart911 in Muncie and Delaware County on Wednesday that will help save lives by giving emergency dispatchers the information public safety needs to respond to crisis.

Mayor Dennis Tyler, a retired firefighters, said the new, secure information system filled out by citizens could help paramedics know that a diabetic is in a house, or firefighters or police officers how many people are there.

"Smart911 will provide responders with advance information that can make a big difference if you ever need them," said the mayor.

Police Chief Steve Stewart and Fire Chief Eddie Bell also were on hand to laud the information system. Bell said knowing who was in a house and their medical history would aid firefighters when they roll up to the scene of a fire.

Rave Mobile Safety and Smart911 rolled out this service in recent years in 35 states and more than 500 cities. Smart911 is already available in Porter, Vigo and Koscuisko counties.Rave is a software partner with AT&T.for public.

Technology touches virtually every aspect of life today," said Bill Soards, president of AT&T Indiana. "But none is more important that safety and security."

The service allows citizens to create a secure online safety profile that is available 911 dispatchers when someone makes an emergency call.

Jessica Rose, Rave and Smart911 community marketing manager, said the system uses Rave  that is a leader in secure information systems and she ensured privacy with any any information entered into the Smart911 profile.

Rave provides software to campus and public safety and has several applications for guardian and alert systems. More about their service can be found at

Tyler said it would be up to citizens to decide what information they wanted in the profile. And he, like AT&T executives, encouraged people to use the free service. The online site is 

Soards was unaware of any privacy or security issues with the information system that has been used primarily in the east and west.




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