Jonathan Newsome played hard, tough in Colts preseason opener

Pagano: "Jon did a good job"

By Rick Yencer

ANDERSON, INDIANA (SPORTS) -  That first preseason game between the Colts and Jets last week gave Ball State graduate and Colts rookie Jonathan Newsome lots of snaps.

And Colts Coach Chuck Pagano said Newsome's play as a tackle was "about what we expected."

"He played hard, he played tough and he played physical," said the coach on Saturday.

That 13-10 loss with a missed field goal and some broken plays was typical for the Colts as they end training camp in Anderson on Wednesday. 

Newsome played more than he thought because of the injury to defender Daniel Adongo, and was in the game for about 30 snaps against the Jets.

Pagano noticed a little first game anxiety after Newsome got winded.

"He had a few mistakes here and there, but we are pleased with where he is at and what he did in that ball game," said Pagano.

Like all preseason games, rookies and new players have to prove their talents to stay after the mandatory cut to 53 players.

Pagano said the game was a good lesson to all the young players to see live action and real football.

"Just the game speed along takes an adjustment and Jon did a good job," he said.

Colts quarterback Andrew Luck also noticed Newsome as a strong, athletic player and believed he would do well in professional football. Newsome got three tackles in the first game, telling the media he was glad to get his feet wet. 

Luck did not have excuses for the preseason loss to the Jets in New York's MetLife Stadium.

The missed field goal and some bad stops and missed plays in the second half with new players sealed the Colt's usual preseason fate.

Luck is undoubtedly the best quarterback in the AFC South and got the Colts to back to back winning seasons and playoff games since 2012.

But veteran quarterbacks like Peyton Manning of Denver and Tom Brady of New England still have better offense and a defense that can always beat the Colts.

Luck's no huddle offense called by offensive coordinator Pep Hamilton got the Colts on the board early, but the opening drive resulted in center Khaled Holmes being injured and out for a couple games.

The Colts went with rookie Jonotthan Harrison who never played an NFL game.

Pagano said there was still much to work on and get the team ready for the regular season next month. 

The season opener pits the Colts against Manning and the Broncos. And they see Brady and the Patriots on No. 16. The Colts also play Dallas Cowboys, New York Giants, and the Baltimore Ravens this season.



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