Ivy Tech Community College East Central region seeking adjunct instructors


MUNCIE, INDIANA (NEWS) - Ivy Tech Community College East Central region is seeking adjunct (part-time) instructors for the Anderson, Henry County (New Castle), Marion and Muncie locations. Adjunct instructors are vital to the success of Ivy Tech Community College. These professionals bring their experience, knowledge and skills to the students learning environment.

An adjunct instructor’s minimum qualifications include an earned master’s or higher degree from a regionally accredited institution, in any field, with 18 graduate semester credit hours in their area of interest’s related courses. Adjuncts receive a $500 per credit hour stipend. The majority of the courses are three credit hours, which would equal a $1,500 stipend per class.

“Adjunct instructors are so critical to Ivy Tech’s mission and contributors toward student success,” says Andy Bowne, chancellor, East Central and Richmond regions. “We rely on our adjuncts to bring real-life experiences, leadership, and influence to our students, demonstrating to them the possibilities of successful careers in their area of interest. When we do not have enough adjunct instructors, we may have to cancel classes, which is something we cannot do at the risk of holding back our students from graduating.”

To view all open positions, descriptions and job requirements, visit Ivy Tech Community College’s website athttp://jobs.ivytech.edu. Classes for Fall semester begin August 25.

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