Dane Clark: Mellencamp drummer comes to Timbers on Saturday

Clark has new album Wide Open Heart


MUNCIE, INDIANA (ENTERTAINMENT)  - A summer block party is always fun and Dane Clark has been on the road throughout Indiana playing at those events.

On Saturday, the Dane Clark Band comes to Timber's Lounge for their block party that draws hundreds from around eastern Indiana. The free show starts at 8 p.m.

Timbers is an institution in food and beverage business locally started by Ralph Kennedy with the iconic Paul Bunyan statute at the corner of Kilgore And Tillotson.

Clark, who grew up in Anderson, remembers the place as a working man's hangout and his brand of Americana rock sounds much like his fellow band partner, John Mellencamp.

Besides his own band, Clark is drummer in Mellencamp's band that has been on a recording hiatus in recent years. That ends next month when Mellencamp releases Plain Spoken and his new single Troubled Man.

Clark said Mellencamp still plays Farm Aid and throughout the country. The new album will kick off an 80 city tour next year.

This summer, Clark's band has played in southern Indiana and Anderson. One of their big events will be the Vietnam Veterans reunion in Kokomo on Sept. 20.

"I just love to play my own music," said Clark, who wrote and played his first song at 10.

He also was a child prodigy playing the piano, drums and guitar and later listening to the Beatles, Rolling Stones, The Doors and The Byrds.

After obtaining a degree in music performance, Clark got a job as a drummer and then landed the gig with Mellencamp in 1996.

Clark has a party rock sound with songs like Lucky Guy and Young Man's World. He also is releasing a new album Wide Open Heart that is more Americana rock with that Mellencamp sound.





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