Unique Halloween Costume Ideas for 2014


MUNCIE, INDIANA - School has started across Indiana, and wise parents are starting to think ahead. Buying 2014 Halloween costumes early means being able to sit back and actually attempt to enjoy the holiday.

To help out, the MFP team has put together a list of some unique costume ideas for Halloween 2014, including a look at some classics as well as others we think are going to be really hot this year. We also have other information that will be helpful.

Best Costumes for Couples

One way to have even more fun when dressing up is to get costumes that are related. We have some ideas for male / female as well as male / male and female / female couples. Some of these can be put together DIY-style with a little creativity or you can shop for Halloween costumes online.

  • Mark Antony and Cleopatra - This is a great costume idea that will give you a chance to tell a little history lesson.
  • Bonnie and Clyde - For those who like to walk on the dark side, going as Bonnie and Clyde is a great idea that's easy to do.
  • Dread Pirate Roberts (Wesley) and Buttercup - Inconceivable! Yes, we know what that word means. This is a great costume idea from the Princess Bride movie.
  • Xena and Gabrielle - For women who want to show their inner and outer warrior while showing a lot of skin, this is a good idea.
  • Game of Thrones - Choosing a character or two from the Game of Thrones television show is another unique idea that's not seen a lot.

The above ideas should be pretty unique, but there's still a lot of time to pick a more traditional Halloween costume for you and the special someone in your life.

Cool Costumes for Boys

Boys of all ages are always coming up with ideas based on what's hot. This means you'll likely see a lot of characters from Guardians of the Galaxy and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles this Halloween. Here are some other unique costume ideas for boys.

  • President Eisenhower - While some children dress up as George Washington or Abraham Lincoln, why not go for a president not usually seen on Halloween.
  • Police Officer - Police have been getting scrutinized in the media lately - especially in Ferguson, Missouri - but this is still a classic costume idea for boys.
  • Occupy Protester - For teens and older boys, going as the "other side" - i.e. a protestor - is another idea that's not seen a lot.
  • Bumblebee - Another Transformers movie has come and gone, and you can expect to see at least a few Transformers costumes if you're out and about.

At Top Toys Blog, you can find other costumes ideas for boys of all ages.

Cute Costumes for Girls

Unique and cute costume ideas for girls aren't difficult to come up with if you spend some time talking to your child about what they want to be and what you'll allow them to be. Instead of some Rock Star that's probably not a good role model, here are some other ideas for Halloween costumes.

  • Frozen, Frozen, Frozen - Elsa and Anna from the Disney movie Frozen are sure to be popular this year. This leads us to our next item...
  • Disney Princesses - Speaking of Disney, they have a lot of other princess characters that make good costumes - even the classics like Cinderella.
  • My Little Pony - For some reason that mankind may never understand, My Little Pony is still popular and might make a good costume idea.

Remember; if you're wanting a Halloween costume that's likely going to be popular, you want to do your shopping as early as possible.

Costume Ideas for the Whole Family

For more unique Halloween costume ideas for boys and girls, be sure to check out Top Toys Blog, another website by kpaul media. And if you have any good ideas for Halloween costumes this year, leave a comment below and share with the rest of us.

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