Street Beat Coming to Emens for BSU Family Weekend

By Heather Collins

MUNCIE, INDIANA (ENTERTAINMENT) - Street Beat will be banging their drums and stomping their feet on Friday, September 12 at Emens Auditorium on Ball State campus.

Emens is presenting Street Beat as part of Ball State University’s Family Weekend, and they encourage families to come to the performance and visit Muncie.

Street Beat features high-energy performances of urban rhythm, hip hop moves and break-dance acrobatics. Street Beat showcases the rawness, rhythm and the rich history of street dancing performances.

“Our main objective is to stimulate people of all ages…to keep some kind of musical engagement as a part of their daily lives. It’s a big part of being human, healthy and having a spiritual connection..a way of releasing passion and creative energy,” said Ben Hansen, founder. “Our inner mission is try to unite everyone through music and percussion.

The show merges African, Cuban, Latin, West African, Caribbean rhythms and Jazz styles for an enriching, enthralling, live performances. The show also incorporates acrobatic movement, stomp, martial arts and break dancing.

Break dancing was popularized in the ‘70s amongst urban youth in New York City. Local DJs would set up their equipment on street corners and the local youth would create teams and movements to the complex beats.  

Fluidity and spiritual movement are a main stage for the Street Beat performance and performers.

Street Beat is an as intimate as a heartbeat and as boisterously crowd-pleasing as the best party you’ve ever been to,” said Hansen.

Performers use paint buckets, trash cans and old auto parts to create musical instruments. Street Beat describes themselves as a scrappy band of drummers and dancers, whose eclectic blend of street and technique are taking the world’s concert stages by storm. The group says they use the ordinary and make it extraordinary.The show is reminiscent of Stomp.

“Some of our instruments are literally left-over items in our home that we turn into percussion instruments, and some are found in junkyards. We made our own metal cymbals. We purchase actual trash can, but that doesn’t happen very often,” said Hansen.

Hansen said there is even a piece played by staplers. Hansen and company thrive off the idea of repurposing items for the art of music.

“The primary set up of our instruments is what we call repurposed percussion. Basically..any given object can be used to make a sound,” said Hansen. “All instruments in percussion have that history. We’re just a modern-day version.”

Street Beat takes the most ancient of art forms- drumming and dancing - into a magical, infectious, intimate show.

The Tennessee Journal remarked, “Astonishing creativity…the show exploded with energy, an unmatched level of musicianship and choreography.

The performance begins at 7:30 p.m. at Emens Auditorium on Friday, September 12th.

Tickets can be purchased at Ticketmaster, via or at the Emens Auditorium box office. Prices are $18 in advance and $20 at the door, youth tickets (18 and under) are $5. For BSU students, it's $5 in advance and $10 at the door. For more information or to obtain tickets visit the Emens Auditorium ticket office, or search the Ball State University website.


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