Jerry Dishman

May 08, 2013 |
By Rick Yencer  MUNCIE, IN - A $54 million apartment and retail  development with a government run parking garage may rise from the demolition of the historic Collegiate Store in the University Village near Ball State University.  This huge, five-story building will change the face of the historic Village that was once a thriving retail center with the likes of the Ball Stores Collegiate Store, Steck's Men...
Jun 05, 2012 |
By Rick Yencer MUNCIE, IN - The use of security cameras on city buses to discipline and fire drivers has pushed labor management relations at Muncie Transit to the breaking point with members of Muncie City Council and other officials launching an investigation.  The investigation of candid camera supervision spilled over to city council's meeting on Monday with transit officials trading...
Mar 29, 2008 |
By C.A. Bouslog Brad Polk, newly elected to the Muncie City Council representing District 4, has joined forces to bring government to the people.  His first District 4 Quarterly Meeting with Polk will be held Monday, March 31, 2008, from 6:30 to 8 p.m., at Kennedy Library on McGalliard Road, Muncie.