Jack Quirk

Jan 17, 2013 |
By Rick Yencer MUNCIE, IN. - Downtown Muncie's great landmarks, the Roberts Hotel and the Boyce Block, should get some notice from facelifts funded by local government's development effort. Muncie Redevelopment Commission awarded  $1 million in grants on Thursday to spark a new renaissance that should bring more people and money to the heart of the community.
Dec 22, 2011 |
By Rick Yencer MUNCIE, IN - Mayor-elect Dennis Tyler relied on experience and an established law firm headed by Jack Quirk to round out his new city hall team that will take office Jan. 1.  "I have to apologize for the majority of these appointment cannot be here today," said Tyler. "They are working for a living someplace."   The surprises include Audrey Jones, 30, deputy clerk treasurer...