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Jun 18, 2014 |
Industry leader TruStar supplies, Vectron fuels new station for Muncie Sanitary District By Rick Yencer MUNCIE, INDIANA (NEWS) -  Engineer Mike Cline called the new compressed natural gas filling station built for the Muncie Sanitary District a bold move sustantiable for a better environmental future.
Nov 14, 2013 |
By Rick Yencer MUNCIE, INDIANA (NEWS) - A compressed natural gas filling station to fuel Muncie sanitation trucks will be open to other government and private truck fleets.  The latest green project by the Muncie Sanitary District will save millions of dollars in diesel fuel and also make money by offering the low cost fuel to others.  Nearly 75 people gathered for groundbreaking at the...
May 30, 2013 |
By Rick Yencer MUNCIE, IN - The Muncie Sanitary District is determined to get more than $1 million in unpaid utility bills collected even if it means turning off the water at private properties. "This is a way to keep our rates down," said Bill Smith, sanitary district president and administrator. The sanitary board of commissioners decided Thursday to extend its amnesty to delinquent...
May 10, 2013 |
By Rick Yencer MUNCIE, IN - With a new retail center and student housing in the University Village, look for hundreds of more construction jobs to be created as the community could see up to $100 million in investment to bolster local government and schools. "It is a very exciting time in the city," said Mayor Dennis Tyler. The mayor offered that view after Chris Sorrick, a partner with...
May 03, 2013 |
By Rick Yencer MUNCIE, IN - The Muncie Sanitary District embarked on millions of dollars in federal clean water initiatives this week, borrowing millions more and repaying it with storm water revenue to do the work.  That work includes building a new power supply at Muncie's aging wastewater treatment plant and repairing some of Muncie's oldest sewers like the White River Interceptor and...
Apr 26, 2013 |
By Rick Yencer MUNCIE, IN -  The Muncie Sanitary District pulled off an Arbor Day miracle this week that caused the federal government to stop the removal of dozens of trees along the White River levee.  The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers informed the sanitary district this week that no trees had to be removed from the northwest section of the levee between North Wheeling Avenue and Hawthorne...
Feb 20, 2013 |
By Rick Yencer MUNCIE, IN - The Muncie Sanitary District rolled back storm water assessments and offered amnesty to delinquent sewer customers in an effort to help thousands of people in need.  The storm water break amounts to a 40 percent reduction in a 600 percent increase imposed a year ago by the previous administration. And customers who have delinquent sewer bills have 90 days to...
Jan 17, 2013 |
By Rick Yencer MUNCIE, IN. - Downtown Muncie's great landmarks, the Roberts Hotel and the Boyce Block, should get some notice from facelifts funded by local government's development effort. Muncie Redevelopment Commission awarded  $1 million in grants on Thursday to spark a new renaissance that should bring more people and money to the heart of the community.  MRC President Dan Allen...
Jan 08, 2013 |
By Rick Yencer MUNCIE, IN - The Muncie Sanitary District could give a break to delinquent sewage utility customers by giving them temporary amnesty from paying excessive legal and court costs imposed by local courts.  Bill Smith, the new president and interim administrator of the sanitary district, proposed a 90-day amnesty for customers to pay past due bills without fees that were allowed...
Jan 03, 2013 |
Stormwater credits, new collection system, new leaders in store By Rick Yencer  MUNCIE, IN -  Sewage utility customers and property owners should see significant changes in the Muncie Sanitary District with businessman Bill Smith back in charge of the $30 million government operation.  Smith, who had a hand in downtown development and the Delaware County Youth Opportunity Center, ran the...
Oct 05, 2012 |
By Rick Yencer MUNCIE, IN -  Mutual Bank will underwrite a $1 million facelift of downtown Muncie that stands to get more people and business in 2013.  That money tree known as the Muncie Redevelopment Commission will open competition for facade grants next month with work possible starting in the spring.  "We could be ready to start construction at the first robin," said Dan Allen,...